​•Steve started in the late ‘60’s with a 5-piece country band called the Chaparral’s, performing all those great songs back then by Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, as well as other cover songs. 

Spent several years during the 1970’s with a Country Rock band called Time Rail, consisting of keyboard, guitar, bass and drums, performing at 4000 seat Arena shows on Vancouver Island. Some of their favourite shows were for Military personnel up and down the length of the island, but specifically the Totem Lounge in Comox. Some of their favourite venues in Victoria were the Empress Hotel, The Strathcona and Red Lion, as well the Jokers Club and Tillicum Club. 

Played many corporate and club shows as well as one-night dances for drag racing and car clubs. Too many to list them all, and of course the Eagles and Legion Clubs were popular venues for dances and events. 

Spent several years writing original music that eventually resulted in a CD, some songs of which Steve still performs, notably Astoria. 

Formed a new group more recently called Road Stars, consisting of Steve Lezetc and Tom Mitchell on guitars and vocals, Julie Hughes on bass and vocals and Vance Anderson on drums and vocals. They performed at many different venues up and down the island including outdoor summer festivals at Coombs, Parksville and Ladysmith.

Presently concentrating on single and duo work with his son, an acclaimed artist in his own right, as well as other talented musicians and singers. Steve is very busy these days with these projects as well as continuing to write his own material.

A successful side project has evolved into mainstream with the Johnny Cash Tribute. This has generated a lot of interest and has evolved into several opportunities to play several pubs, and other venues, in Victoria, and the Vancouver area. In 2012, Steve and Sherry joined forces and added some of the Johnny Cash/June Carter duos, as well as performing other genres, both singly and as a duo, to wide acclaim up and down the Island. These projects are still evolving as interest increases. Although Steve is constantly working on and improving his guitar skills, his exceptional voice is his strength and is what consistently draws people back to his shows. Although he sings blues and rock, country music is closest to his heart.

Steve Lezetc
a.k.a. Big Steve
Guitarist, singer, songwriter